Quality Water Heater Sales and Installations

If You Have a Loose Valve or Leaky Pipe, We Service All Parts

Water heaters can be a handful if you haven’t checked them recently. Leaking pipes, cold water, strange noises, pilot light problems, and hard-water sediment, these all can be repaired or you can upgrade your water heater in no time. Contact us for guidance in choosing, installing, or repairing your residential hot water heater. From gas to electric to tankless, Ed’s Plumbing and Remodeling can help you choose a hot water heater that handles the demands of your family and provide timely installation at your home. We also can repair any water heater, with access to a full supply of parts and accessories to get your water heater working again. Call us today if your water is discolored or not as hot as it should be, or if your tank is suddenly noisy.

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Our Water Heater Services at a Glance
  • Checking the valve for leaks
  • Checking the tank for sediment buildup
  • Inspection and installation of gas, electric, or tankless water heater
  • Replacements and tune-ups
  • Maintenance and flushing

Call us today for a maintenance check of your water heater to avoid a damaging leak or finding yourself without hot water. If your water heater is 8 to 10 years old, you should consider replacing it.